Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MICR codes of banks in ALLAHABAD

211002001 State Bank of India Service Branch ALLAHABAD

211002002 State Bank of India Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211002003 State Bank of India University Branch ALLAHABAD

211002004 State Bank of India Allahabad Agr. Inst. ALLAHABAD

211002005 State Bank of India Bamrauli Branch ALLAHABAD

211002006 State Bank of India Colonel Ganj ALLAHABAD

211002007 State Bank of India Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211002008 State Bank of India Cantonment ALLAHABAD

211002009 State Bank of India CMP Degree College ALLAHABAD

211002010 State Bank of India Dara Ganj ALLAHABAD

211002011 State Bank of India GTB Nagar ALLAHABAD

211002012 State Bank of India High Court ALLAHABAD

211002013 State Bank of India ITI Campus ALLAHABAD

211002014 State Bank of India Johnston Ganj ALLAHABAD

211002015 State Bank of India Khuldabad ALLAHABAD

211002016 State Bank of India MLNR Engg. College ALLAHABAD

211002017 State Bank of India Muthi Ganj ALLAHABAD

211002018 State Bank of India MLN Medical College ALLAHABAD

211002019 State Bank of India Mumford Ganj ALLAHABAD

211002020 State Bank of India Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211002021 State Bank of India Rajapur ALLAHABAD

211002022 State Bank of India Sulem Sarai ALLAHABAD

211002023 State Bank of India Jhusi ALLAHABAD

211002024 State Bank of India Phaphamau ALLAHABAD

211002025 State Bank of India Personal Banking Branch ALLAHABAD

211002026 State Bank of India Manouri ALLAHABAD

211002027 State Bank of India Gauri ALLAHABAD

211002028 State Bank of India Hanuman Ganj ALLAHABAD

211002029 State Bank of India Sauraon ALLAHABAD

211002030 State Bank of India ADB Sauraon ALLAHABAD

211002031 State Bank of India Karchana ALLAHABAD

211002032 State Bank of India Bharwari ALLAHABAD

211002033 State Bank of India Akharishpur ALLAHABAD

211002034 State Bank of India Bashahi ALLAHABAD

211002035 State Bank of India Basahara ALLAHABAD

211002036 State Bank of India Chhiviaya ALLAHABAD

211002050 State Bank of India OD Fort ALLAHABAD

211002052 State Bank of India AGUP ALLAHABAD

211002053 State Bank of India Red Eagle Canteen ALLAHABAD

211002056 State Bank of India Centralized Clearing Processing Centre(CPC) ALLAHABAD

211003002 State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur Chowk Branch ALLAHABAD

211005002 State Bank of Indore Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211007002 State bank of Patiyala Chowk Area ALLAHABAD

211007003 State bank of Patiyala Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211007004 State bank of Patiyala Kyd Ganj ALLAHABAD

211010001 Allahabad Bank Service Branch ALLAHABAD

211010002 Allahabad Bank Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211010003 Allahabad Bank Alen Ganj ALLAHABAD

211010004 Allahabad Bank Alopibagh Branch ALLAHABAD

211010005 Allahabad Bank City Office Branch ALLAHABAD

211010006 Allahabad Bank Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Branch ALLAHABAD

211010007 Allahabad Bank Kareli Branch ALLAHABAD

211010008 Allahabad Bank Katra Branch ALLAHABAD

211010009 Allahabad Bank Kalyani Devi Branch ALLAHABAD

211010010 Allahabad Bank Luker Ganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211010011 Allahabad Bank New Baiharana Branch ALLAHABAD

211010012 Allahabad Bank Politechnic Branch ALLAHABAD

211010013 Allahabad Bank Chaka Branch ALLAHABAD

211010014 Allahabad Bank Mundera ALLAHABAD

211010015 Allahabad Bank Jhunsi ALLAHABAD

211011002 Andhra Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211012001 Bank of Baroda Service Branch ALLAHABAD

211012002 Bank of Baroda M. G. Marg ALLAHABAD

211012003 Bank of Baroda Allahapur Branch ALLAHABAD

211012004 Bank of Baroda Bansmandi Branch ALLAHABAD

211012005 Bank of Baroda BahadurGanj ALLAHABAD

211012006 Bank of Baroda GTB Nagar ALLAHABAD

211012007 Bank of Baroda Katra ALLAHABAD

211012008 Bank of Baroda Khuldabad ALLAHABAD

211012009 Bank of Baroda Kyd Ganj ALLAHABAD

211012010 Bank of Baroda Naini ALLAHABAD

211012011 Bank of Baroda Noorullah Road ALLAHABAD

211012012 Bank of Baroda P. D. Tondan Road ( MSA ) ALLAHABAD

211012013 Bank of Baroda Jauharitola Branch ALLAHABAD

211012014 Bank of Baroda Katra "B" ALLAHABAD

211012015 Bank of Baroda Mundera ALLAHABAD

211013001 Bank of India Service Branch ALLAHABAD

211013002 Bank of India Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211013003 Bank of India City Branch ALLAHABAD

211013004 Bank of India Sulem Sarai ALLAHABAD

211013005 Bank of India Jhusi Branch ALLAHABAD

211013006 Bank of India Daud Nagar, Naini ALLAHABAD

211014002 Bank of Maharashtra Leader Road ALLAHABAD

211014003 Bank of Maharashtra Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211015002 Canara Bank Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211015003 Canara Bank Kalyani Devi Branch ALLAHABAD

211015004 Canara Bank Zero Road ALLAHABAD

211015005 Canara Bank United college of Engineering ALLAHABAD

211016002 Central Bank of India Civil Line Branch ALLAHABAD

211016003 Central Bank of India Chowk Branch ALLAHABAD

211016004 Central Bank of India Zero Road Branch ALLAHABAD

211016005 Central Bank of India Muthiganj ALLAHABAD

211016006 Central Bank of India Katra Branch ALLAHABAD

211016007 Central Bank of India Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211016008 Central Bank of India Phaphamau Branch ALLAHABAD

211016009 Central Bank of India Sherwani Industries(Geep) ALLAHABAD

211017002 Corporation Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211017003 Corporation Bank Georgetown Branch ALLAHABAD

211018002 Dena Bank Johnstonganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211018003 Dena Bank Nyayanagar Branch ALLAHABAD

211018004 Dena Bank RamBagh Branch ALLAHABAD

211019002 Indian Bank ZeroRoad Branch ALLAHABAD

211020002 Indian Overseas Bank M.G.Road Branch ALLAHABAD

211020251 Indian Overseas Bank Cobra Nursery School Ext. Con. ALLAHABAD

211022002 Oriental Bank of Commerce Johnstonganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211022003 Oriental Bank of Commerce AshokNagar Branch ALLAHABAD

211023002 Punjab & Sindh Bank Civil Lines Branch ALLAHABAD

211023003 Punjab & Sindh Bank Khuldabad Branch ALLAHABAD

211023251 Punjab & Sindh Bank Arya Kanya Degree College A/C ALLAHABAD

211024001 Punjab National Bank RCC Branch ( Service Branch ) ALLAHABAD

211024002 Punjab National Bank Civil Lines Branch ALLAHABAD

211024003 Punjab National Bank Chowk Branch ALLAHABAD

211024004 Punjab National Bank Colnelganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211024005 Punjab National Bank Kydganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211024006 Punjab National Bank Rambagh Branch ALLAHABAD

211024007 Punjab National Bank Meerapur Branch ALLAHABAD

211024008 Punjab National Bank V.N.Marg Branch ALLAHABAD

211024009 Punjab National Bank Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211024010 Punjab National Bank Govindpur Branch ALLAHABAD

211024011 Punjab National Bank Rajrooppur Branch ALLAHABAD

211024012 Punjab National Bank Alopi bag branch ALLAHABAD

211025002 Syndicate Bank Civil Lines Branch ALLAHABAD

211025003 Syndicate Bank E.C.C Branch ALLAHABAD

211025004 Syndicate Bank Saraswat Khatri Pathshala ALLAHABAD

211025005 Syndicate Bank K.P.College ALLAHABAD

211026001 Union Bank of India Service Branch ALLAHABAD

211026002 Union Bank of India Civil Line Branch ALLAHABAD

211026003 Union Bank of India Chowk Branch ALLAHABAD

211026004 Union Bank of India Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211026005 Union Bank of India LIC Colony Branch ALLAHABAD

211026006 Union Bank of India Ashok Nagar Branch ALLAHABAD

211026007 Union Bank of India Kareli Branch ALLAHABAD

211026008 Union Bank of India Preem Nagar ALLAHABAD

211026009 Union Bank of India Red Eagal Army H.Q. ALLAHABAD

211027002 United Bank of India Leader Road Brnach ALLAHABAD

211027003 United Bank of India Tagore Town Branch ALLAHABAD

211027004 United Bank of India Civil Line Branch ALLAHABAD

211027005 United Bank of India Allahpur Branch ALLAHABAD

211027006 United Bank of India Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211027007 United Bank of India Teliarganj ALLAHABAD

211028002 Uco Bank Civil Line Main Br ALLAHABAD

211028003 Uco Bank Nagar Mahapalika Branch ALLAHABAD

211028004 Uco Bank Mumfordganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211028005 Uco Bank Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211028006 Uco Bank Katra Branch ALLAHABAD

211028007 Uco Bank Tagore Town ALLAHABAD

211028008 Uco Bank Srimath Baghambari Gaddi(BAG) ALLAHABAD

211028009 Uco Bank DAV Inter College,Meerapur(MER) ALLAHABAD

211028010 Uco Bank Jal Sansthan(JAL) ALLAHABAD

211028011 Uco Bank Kabir Parekh Sansthan(KAB) ALLAHABAD

211029002 Vijaya Bank V.N.Marg Branch ALLAHABAD

211029003 Vijaya Bank Beli Road Branch ALLAHABAD

211029004 Vijaya Bank MNIT Branch ALLAHABAD

211029005 Vijaya Bank Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211036002 Std. Ch. Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211049002 Fedral Bank Civil Line Branch ALLAHABAD

211051002 Jammu and Kashmir Bank Shiv Charan Lal Road Branch ALLAHABAD

211052000 Karnataka Bank At Par ALLAHABAD

211052002 Karnataka Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211111002 Head Post Office Head Post Office ALLAHABAD

211211002 UTI Bank Main Branch,Civil Lines ALLAHABAD

211229002 ICICI Bank Ltd. S. P. Marg, Civil Lines, ALLAHABAD

211229003 ICICI Bank Ltd. K. P. Kakkar Road ALLAHABAD

211233000 Centurion Bank At Par ALLAHABAD

211233002 Centurion Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211234002 Indusind Bank Ltd. Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211240002 HDFC Bank Ltd. Civil Line Branch ALLAHABAD

211259000 IDBI At Par ALLAHABAD

211259002 IDBI Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211454000 BEUPG Bank At Par ALLAHABAD

211454002 BEUPG Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211454003 BEUPG Bank Rajroop Pur ALLAHABAD

211454004 BEUPG Bank Dandi Branch ALLAHABAD

211454005 BEUPG Bank Teliyarganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211454006 BEUPG Bank Phaafa Mau ALLAHABAD

211454007 BEUPG Bank Jhoonsi ALLAHABAD

211454008 BEUPG Bank Preetam Nagar ALLAHABAD

211454009 BEUPG Bank Bamrauli Branch ALLAHABAD

211454251 BEUPG Bank E/C Vikas Bhavan ALLAHABAD

211454252 BEUPG Bank E/C U.P.P.S.C. ALLAHABAD

211484002 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Bai Ka Bagh ALLAHABAD

211484003 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Rajroopur Branch ALLAHABAD

211484004 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Dandi Branch ALLAHABAD

211484005 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Telliar Ganj ALLAHABAD

211484006 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Phaphamau Branch ALLAHABAD

211484007 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Jhusi Branch ALLAHABAD

211484008 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Pritam Nagar Branch ALLAHABAD

211484009 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank Bamrauli Branch ALLAHABAD

211484251 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank E/C Vikas Bhavan ALLAHABAD

211484252 Allahabad Ksh. Gramin Bank E/C U. P. P. S. C. ALLAHABAD

211485002 Kotak Mahindra Bank Main Branch ALLAHABAD

211490002 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Head Office ALLAHABAD

211490003 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Chowk Branch, ALLAHABAD

211490004 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Katra Branch ALLAHABAD

211490005 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Muthi Ganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211490006 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Kyd Ganj Branch ALLAHABAD

211490007 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Khuldabad Branch ALLAHABAD

211490008 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank George Town Branch ALLAHABAD

211490009 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Hewett Road ALLAHABAD

211490010 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Dara Ganj ALLAHABAD

211490011 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Allapur ALLAHABAD

211490012 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Naini Branch ALLAHABAD

211490013 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Mundera Branch ALLAHABAD

211490014 Allahabad Dis. Co-Operative Bank Phaphamau Branch ALLAHABAD

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